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"I had no idea what to expect from Ridgeview, and I was scared at the thought of leaving mom in an institution. But my
first impression was how kind everyone was. Even though we arrived late, they didn�t rush us. Ridgeview's people were
outstanding, throughout our whole experience." - daughter of an older adult patient

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Older Adult Services

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Older Adult Services was established in 1999 in response to the community need for specialized behavioral health services for a growing older adult population.

Older Adult Services offers comprehensive evaluations and inpatient care for adults aged 60 and older experiencing addiction or psychiatric disorders. Adults admitted to our program receive thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation to assist with stabilization, as well as determining appropriate treatment.

Our treatment includes 24-hour nursing care, medication management, group therapy, family therapy, activity therapy, and educational groups. Our unit is designed to comfortably accommodate the unique needs of older adults including those with physical limitations who may need more assistance. Ultimately, our goal is to provide treatment within a therapeutic environment in which the older adult can maintain personal dignity while also regaining a sense of self and level of independence. Treatment is geared to address the specific psychological and developmental needs of this age group in three distinct treatment tracks.

Older adult addiction - Patients may enter treatment for detoxification from a life-long addiction to alcohol or drugs or may be experiencing a more recent addiction to prescription medications or other substances. Treatment includes medically monitored inpatient detoxification, as well as a variety of psycho-educational and therapy groups and 12-step recovery meetings.

Groups cover the following topics:

  • the disease concept of addiction
  • denial
  • impact on the family
  • emotions and addiction
  • early recovery needs
  • relapse prevention

Recovering Ridgeview alumni work with addicted patients to educate and provide support through the detoxification process and encourage a commitment to sobriety. A 12-step meeting is offered weekly on the unit specifically for older adult patients currently in treatment, as well as older adult alumni.

Older adult psychiatry - Patients may have a history of psychiatric illness or may be newly experiencing psychiatric problems as a result of age-related challenges such as retirement or bereavement. This track is for those adults who are cognitively capable of self-examination, self-direction and goal setting. In addition to group, family and individual therapy, patients will participate in the following psycho-educational groups:

  • goal setting
  • identifying depression and anxiety
  • coping skills
  • self-esteem
  • grief work
  • therapeutic life review

Older adult psychiatry for those with cognitive challenges � Patients may require more structure, direction and assistance due to cognitive challenges related to Alzheimer's disease, delirium, psychosis or other condition. Our multidisciplinary team, led by a geriatric psychiatrist, will complete a thorough physical and psychiatric evaluation and provide medication management.

Additionally, staff will provide the following groups and activities:

  • reminiscence
  • current events
  • stretch and exercise
  • music therapy
  • creative arts
  • sensory stimulation
  • pet therapy

Continuing care

The treatment team works closely with each patient to set realistic goals for treatment and to develop a continuing care plan to ensure that their ongoing needs are met. Older adult addiction and psychiatric alumni may return to the unit to attend the weekly 12-step meeting for current and former patients. They may also receive support from Ridgeview�s Alumni Association. Staff case managers are well versed in the wide range of community, state and federal resources that the older adult may need when returning home or to other settings. Referrals are made that will give ongoing support for medical, physical, mental, social and spiritual needs.

What can I bring/not bring with me?
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Referral and Admission
For more information on the Older Adult Services, admission, or referral to a therapist or physician, call the Ridgeview Access Center, (770) 434-4567 or 1 (800) 329-9775. Our counseling staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ridgeview offers free assessment and referral services.  For more information call (770) 434-4567 or 1 (800) 329-9775.  Counseling staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Most insurance plans cover all or part of the cost of Ridgeview’s treatment programs. Our Patient Accounts staff will help with financial arrangements for any cost not covered by insurance.

Free Support Groups Offered
Ridgeview offers a variety of free, open support groups related to addiction and emotional issues.  For a complete listing, follow this link to our Support Group Page.


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