Alumni Association at Ridgeview Institute


Duties of the Communications and Newsletter committee:

  • Making sure newcomers to the Ridgeview Alumni Association are informed of what is going on in the Alumni Association and what activities, events and duties are taking place.
  • Writing, publishing and distributing the Ridgeview Alumni Newsletter (The View) and maintaining the Ridgeview Alumni website.
  • Taking and distributing the weekly Alumni Steering Committee minutes to all “active” Alumni Association members.
  • Writing “Thank You” letters/cards in response to donations to the Ridgeview Alumni Charitable Corporation.
  • Providing sympathy/get well cards to alumni members and their families experiencing loss or health challenges.


This committee coordinates and chairs a large number of 12 Step Meetings on the Ridgeview campus every week. They also provide temporary sponsors, for patients that need them, chair the 1st Friday Speaker meeting and coordinate with active Alumni Association members to provide support for pending patients in the Ridgeview Institute Access Center.


The Special Projects Committee plans and coordinates service work and various projects throughout the year.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain the Alumni Serenity Garden, Gazebo, and Deck (including all the water features)
  • Selling engraved bricks that are placed throughout the garden
  • Serenity Garden Christmas Lights
  • Christmas at Scottish Rite – Santa & Elves


The Alumni Association Entertainment is responsible for planning and organizing various social and fund-raising events throughout the year.

These include:

  • Spring Fling Picnic
  • Feeding 1st Responders
  • Recovery Walk
  • Golf Tournament
  • Gratitude Dinner
  • New Year’s Eve Dance