Meetings and Events

Alumni Association at Ridgeview Institute


The Ridgeview Alumni Association Steering Committee brings in speakers from the Metro Area to tell their story. You are welcome to attend our 1st Friday Speaker Meeting, it is open to the public. See hundreds of recovering souls at a wonderful meeting. Come early to get a good seat, the meeting starts at 7:30pm in the Ridgeview Day Hospital. The 1st Friday Speaker Meeting is on the 1st Friday of every month. Amazing, is it not?


Come and join us for our yearly Gratitude Eating Meeting. Have Fellowship with hundreds of Sober Recovering people. This is a wonderful holiday event, usually held the Sunday before Thanksgiving at the Ridgeview Conference Center.

Many of our members are great cooks who try to outdo each other. Bring a dish to share, Pot Luck. If you cannot bring a dish, bring yourself, everyone is welcome. After eating and fellowship, there is a meeting with focus on Gratitude.


An Alumni Sponsored Group.

This is a meeting designed to bring together both the addict and significant other in a safe, open and supportive environment that encourages frank discussions of problems the family encounters in recovery. If your significant other does not wish to attend, come yourself.

This meeting is not just for couples. It is beneficial for anyone who has relationships in their life (family, friends, coworkers, etc.). That means everyone! Just show up and feel the healing begin.

Addiction is a Family disease affecting every member of all ages. Recovery is also a Family experience. Along with the relief of a partner that is not using, can also come stress caused by the changes that come with this new condition.

Learning they are not alone is as important for the non- addict as it is for the addict.

This is not an AA meeting, it does however follow the AA guidelines and principals.

Every Saturday night at 7:30pm in the Ridgeview Day Hospital (Rooms 1& 2).