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Adult Psychiatric Illness and its Treatment

Normal Feelings and Emotions versus Psychiatric Illness There may be some confusion about what is normal and what is psychiatric illness. This is because, in psychiatry, the names of illnesses are the same as normal emotions or feelings. If you go to your family practice doctor and they tell you that you have a depression, […]

What is Addiction and how is it Treated?

Preface There are three principles that are essential to understand about addiction: Addiction is a medical disease in the same way as hypertension or cancer are medical diseases. Addiction is a dysfunction of the pleasure centers of the brain. Addiction is not a personality disorder or a moral problem (i.e. being a bad person). An […]

Ridgeview Institute – Smyrna Expands to 188 beds to Assist More Patients

Ridgeview Institute – Smyrna Due to our communities increased need for mental health and chemical dependency services, Ridgeview Institute – Smyrna has expanded its inpatient services from 148 to 188 beds. The additional 40 beds expand the Specialized Women’s Program, Adult Addiction Program, Senior Adult Program, and the Adolescent Program. Ridgeview Institutes recent renovations increases […]