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Honoring Appetite

Deborah Russo, Psy.D., Christine Engstrom, RD, LD, Laura Maloch, RD, LD. Healthy infants come into the world completely skilled in detecting their body’s signals for hunger and fullness. Yet, as professionals we meet so many people who have not only lost sight of this simple process but also describe fear, shame and disconnection from being […]

Treating the Young Adult

Michael Fishman, M.D. and Lori Albert-Walker, MSW The Young Adults Program at Ridgeview Institute was created to address unique and specific issues in the lives of young people suffering from the disease of addiction. We define this population from ages 18 to 26, though patients ages 17 to 30 may also be considered for this […]

The Road to Recovery

Chemical Dependence and Treatment Today by Paul H. Earley, M.D. & Michael L. Fishman, M.D. BARRIERS TO RECOGNITION It is no longer surprising when a movie star, a politician, or a sports hero, reveals to the news media a personal struggle with the perils of addiction. The disease is common; we now know that it […]

Racing Against the Iron Clock – A Heroin Addict’s Story

  By Scott Bradford Any addiction is your advertisement to yourself that you’re incomplete, you’re not enough. Because you can’t possibly find happiness within yourself, you’ve become dependent on something outside yourself. In your search for control of your emotions, you’ve given up control of your life. Heroin enforces this perception with an iron clock. […]

The “M.D.eity” Syndrome

Help for the Impaired Health Professional by Paul H. Earley, M.D. & Michael L. Fishman, M.D. Gray pinstripe, his suit is immaculate. His bearing, too, at first seems flawless, and as he turns toward the counselor, the resemblance is marked, Marcus Welby, M.D. Avuncular, confident, the man could pass at least for the brother of […]

Intervention: The Beginning of The Beginning

By: Brian L. Moore, Ph.D. The last fifty years have seen a great deal of change in the way society views addiction. The American Medical Association determined that addiction is indeed a disease and efforts have been made to help people understand the nature of this disease. Salient characteristics include that addiction is a primary […]

From Heaven to Hell: Heroin’s Double-Edged Sword

Paul H. Earley, M.D. Opium, it would seem, was place don this earth to alleviate suffering. A soldier, injured in battle, is given two grains of morphine intra-muscularly to reduce the pain of his shattered leg. Or a cancer victim sips a “Brompton’s cocktail” (containing mostly heroin) throughout the day to reduce the intense and […]

The Disease of Addiction

Paul H. Earley, M.D. and Michael L. Fishman, M.D. The concept of addiction has moved from the fringes of our society into the mainstream of our lives over the past twenty years. In the 1970s you would never hear the average American say, “I’m addicted to my morning coffee,” or “I’m hooked on racquetball.” Most […]