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Ridgeview Smyrna Expands Inpatient Addiction Services

Ridgeview Institute has opened a 28 bed inpatient program for adult addiction and dual diagnosis patients. The newly remodeled building once served older adult patients, however in 2016 the older adult patients were transferred to a new, state of the art building.

The new Adult Addiction-dual unit is staffed with psychiatrists, nurses, addiction counselors, therapists, and technicians. The treatment team offers daily MD consults, individualized treatment planning, family therapy, group therapy, self-help groups, and access to the alumni steering committee.

The alumni coordinator, Sam Anders, who has thirty-three years of providing recovery support, will play an important role in patient recovery. With groups like “The Progression of the Disease of Addiction” and “Stump the Drunk,” Sam gives patients an informative but relateable group topic.

In addition to the Adult Addiction Unit, the remodeled building has added an expansion for the adolescent unit.

The Ridgeview Institute mascot is an elephant which has a powerful meaning. The stigma of mental health treatment has always been an uphill battle – hence the elephant in the room metaphor. The mascot’s name “Ellie” stands for Every Lesson Learned is Essential.

With the three traditions of Quality of Care, Quality of Service, and Quality of Workplace, the recent expansion will allow Ridgeview Institute-Smyrna to align with the needs of the community and with the need of the employees.