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September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness month

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness month, US HealthVest hospitals are participating in local events to increase awareness and help prevent suicide. Ridgeview Institute in Smyrna, GA is working with Cobb County school social workers to promote suicide awareness as part of the on-going crisis prevention intervention program the hospital has in place with the Cobb County schools. Since Ridgeview recently renovated their adolescent unit and expanded services, the outreach team is working with local high schools to promote suicide and crisis prevention. Ridgeview doesn’t stop there, they are also sponsoring and participating at a college and university annual suicide prevention conference this month. At the Monroe location of Ridgeview Institute the hospital is partnering with schools in Walton County to offer free suicide assessments 24/7. Ridgeview Institute supports National Suicide Prevention and Awareness month and we are proud to offer services to the communities we serve to #StopSuicide.